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If you’re a bassist — you’re in the right place. World renowned bassist and educator Scott Devine in conversation with some of the best and most well respected bass players around the world.
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Apr 20, 2017

In today’s podcast Andrew McKinney lends an insight into every bassman’s dream gig. 

Apr 12, 2017

In today’s podcast we catch up with one of the most recorded bass players in popular music. Nathan East has performed with such a huge number of all-time greats, from Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder to Quincy Jones and Eric Clapton, that it’s hard to sum up the impact he’s had on popular music.

Apr 5, 2017

In today’s podcast we're catching up with a star of the 2017 London Bass Guitar Show, Shez Raja. 

Mar 29, 2017

In today’s podcast we marvel at the awesome bass work of A Perfect Circle bassist Matt McJunkins.

Mar 23, 2017
In today’s podcast we catch up with the extraordinary talented Evan Marien.


Mar 8, 2017

In today’s podcast we catch up with SBL and Berklee alumni Maddie Jay.

Born and raised in the small mountain town of Smithers, British Columbia, Maddie is regarded by many as ‘one to watch’, having already shared the stage with the likes of Abraham Laboriel Sr. and drum legend John “JR” Robinson.

Mar 1, 2017

In today’s podcast we catch up with fretless bass phenomenon Gary Willis.

If you ever stop to wonder how a world-class musician stays at the top of their game for so long, then look no further than bassist and composer Gary Willis for your answer.

Dec 5, 2016

In today’s podcast we catch up with the truly phenomenal Kai Eckhardt.

A star sideman to the likes of John Mclaughlin and Billy Cobham, Kai Eckhardt has forged an incredible career based on his subliminal bass tones and melodic solos. Driven by an unshakeable dedication to music, he easily qualifies as one of the most important bass voices of his generation. We spoke for over an hour about all manner of things, from melody and chord sequences to touring and moving to America.

Nov 28, 2016

In today’s podcast I sit down with Geoff to share my story.

My love affair with the bass started in the North West of England, where I got a job as an apprentice luthier at Overwater Basses. During the next few years, I landed a gig on a cruise ship where I learned the ropes, before setting up having been told that I wouldn’t be able to play bass again due to a neurological disorder. After discovering that silk gloves could help me regain control of my playing, I set about putting the finishing touches to SBL. Of course, it didn’t all happen overnight, and who better to delve a little deeper than our very own Geoff Chalmers.

Nov 14, 2016

In today’s podcast we’re celebrating our 50th episode! To mark the 50th episode of the SBL podcast we’re taking a look back at some of the best moments from our journey so far.

Nov 7, 2016
In today’s podcast we track down The Divine Comedy bassist Simon Little
There’s nothing like keeping busy, and Simon Little's schedule is enough to make most musicians green with envy. As a modern-day session player, his CV includes live and studio work with The Divine Comedy, Clare Teal, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, Maggie Reilly, Jamie Cullum and Newton Faulkner, to name but a few.
Oct 31, 2016

In today’s podcast Michael Janisch talks about his long-standing love affair with the bass.

Michael Janisch emerged as a force to be reckoned with his 2010 solo album, Purpose Built, yet almost slipped away under the radar while setting up his own record label, only to build up a headwind of critical approval with his latest release, Paradigm Shift.

Oct 24, 2016

In today’s podcast we unravel the tone secrets of Florence and the Machine bassist Mark Saunders.

Oct 17, 2016

In today’s podcast Scott meets Colin Edwin, bassist with Britprog legends Porcupine Tree.

Oct 10, 2016

In today’s podcast we’re talking to a modern master of the electric bass.

Best known for his work with Living Colour, Doug Wimbish can look back on an esteemed career that began in the early 80s when he was recruited by Sugar Hill Records to join the rap label’s house band.

Oct 3, 2016

In today’s podcast we’re talking to a bassist who’s taken the art of solo bass playing to a whole new level. Merging breathtaking technique with a compositional approach that defies logic, Michael Manring is a unique talent on the bass guitar.

Sep 26, 2016

In today’s podcast we follow Bryan Beller into realms of bass guitar, role modelling and rock royalty.

Bryan Beller needs no introduction. He has been at the top of his game for long enough that we all know who he is and what he does. He's the electric bass star who's known for some of the finest rock-fusion chops on the planet.

Sep 19, 2016

In today’s podcast we meet the bass player for pop sensation Kylie Minogue.

Dishan Abrahams is the sort of bassist whose playing can often go unnoticed, blending in smoothly while providing a solid musical link between the vocals and the rest of the band.

Sep 12, 2016

In today’s podcast we chat to Freekbass about spreading the gospel of funk.

Having cranked out some killer b-lines on his latest solo album, Freekbass is fast becoming recognised as one of the most iconic bass players in modern funk.

Sep 5, 2016

In today’s podcast we meet a player who is taking the electric bass to new heights.

Perhaps best known for his stints with Vernon Reid (Living Colour) and Dave Fiuczynski in Screaming Headless Torsos, Steve Jenkins is one of the New York bass scene’s most exciting players.

Aug 29, 2016

In today’s podcast Will Lee talks about his love of The Beatles and what it’s like to be one of the world’s first call session players.

Aug 22, 2016

In today’s podcast we meet a player who has taken the art of bass playing to a whole new level.

Victor Wooten may not need much in the way of an introduction as one of the bass world’s great pioneers. When word reached the SBL office that Mr Wooten would be making a rare appearance in the UK, the opportunity was too good to miss.

Aug 15, 2016

In today’s podcast Ed Friedland, renowned columnist and bassist with The Mavericks, talks about every bassman’s dream gig.

Ed got his start playing as a teenager and quickly worked his way through a slew of gigs and bands in New York, which eventually led him to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he polished and mastered his craft.

Aug 8, 2016

Today we’re chatting to Ariane Cap about two-handed tapping and geeking out on bass guitars.

Ariane Cap is a bassist, educator, author, blogger, composer, rocket scientist, racing car driver, wait not the last two, currently living in California. Her love of the bass guitar, and penchant for submersing herself in every genre of low end, began in her high-school days and continued to grow through many years of gigging and studying.

Aug 1, 2016

In today’s podcast Damian Erskine talks about his favourite gear and his fascination with improvisation.

Damian Erskine is taking the 6-string bass to new heights. Being the nephew of renowned drummer Peter Erskine, who once formed a formidable rhythm section with Jaco Pastorius in Weather Report, Damian has built up a reputation as a bass player who’s able to showcase the same extraordinary level of musicianship.

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